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‘And Most Of All, Thank You For Teaching Us How To Love,’ Conclude Teary-Eyed Afghani Populace Waving Farewell To U.S. Troops

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—Running alongside the American Humvees and armored vehicles with their arms overflowing with parting gifts, the teary-eyed Afghani populace waved farewell to U.S. troops Wednesday while thanking them most of all for teaching the country how to love. “Your people brought peace and prosperity to our land over these 20 years, but above all, you taught us how to love with a full heart!” said Abdul-Jawad Usmani, 23, joining the spontaneous parade of Afghani citizens who rushed through the city capital by the millions to thrust pomegranates and handwoven rugs into the outstretched hands of their beloved departing troops. “Take this gem, clutch it close to your chest, and you’ll know we will always be with you. We don’t say goodbye here. We only say farewell. Farewell, my dear friends! You will not be forgotten! Farewell!” At press time, the choked-up citizenry added that they wished the Americans could have stayed for a 100 year, but knew that the troops must go to other countries to spread their message of peace and joy.


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