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Apartment Listing Cagey About Whether Unit Has Floor

CHICAGO—Scouring through the photos in search of a more revealing angle, apartment-hunter George Marvin expressed concern Thursday over a two-bedroom listing that was for some reason being cagey about whether the unit came with a floor. “Most of the time they will tell you whether a place has wood flooring or carpet, but this one really dances around all that and just says ‘open concept’ and ‘lots of space,’” Marvin told reporters, adding that the photographs in the listing appeared to have been taken with some kind of wide-angle lens to avoid showing the floor or ceiling, and that he was beginning to worry his $1,200 budget would not provide him with a solid surface upon which to stand. “I can make out part of an overhead lighting fixture in one shot, so there has to be a ceiling, but none of the pictures show any floorboards or rugs or anything. The description even goes into some detail about the countertops, the plumbing fixtures, and the built-in bookcase, but it’s curiously quiet about any floor it might have. The more I think about it, though, I’m usually on the couch or in bed and don’t really spend all that much time on the floor.” At press time, Marvin had reportedly agreed to take the apartment sight-unseen after deciding that, if push came to shove, he could probably make due by nailing all his furniture to the walls.


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