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Boyfriend Mainly Kept Around As Deterrent

MINNEAPOLIS—Remarking that his mere presence made people think twice about bothering her, local woman Alice Dutton told reporters Wednesday that her boyfriend of three years, Jeff Engert, was primarily kept around as a deterrent. “I really enjoy spending time with Jeff, because whenever we’re together, I don’t get catcalled on the sidewalks or hit on by sleazy men in bars,” said Dutton, adding that while Engert might not be the kind of partner she would want to spend the rest of her life with, having a long-term boyfriend by her side strongly discouraged family members from asking when she would finally settle down. “Even though he’s not a physically big or tough guy, just having his warm body next to mine makes me feel much safer when I’m walking places at night. Not to mention that with Jeff around, I can usually ward off uncomfortable questions I might ask myself, like ‘Who am I as an individual?’ and ‘What do I want out of life?’” Dutton added that she had considered breaking up with Engert, but keeping him around was also a safeguard against having to live with roommates.


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