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Neighborhood Rallies To Designate Pothole As Historic Landmark

FENTON, MI—In a bid to protect what many are calling a vital part of the town’s character, a neighborhood in Fenton, MI held a public rally Friday to demand that a decades-old pothole be designated a historic landmark. “Down at City Hall, they’re talking about getting rid of the pothole completely and putting one of those asphalt patches in its place,” said resident Darren Middleton, 44, a local activist fighting to preserve the foot-deep crevice that has occupied a prominent place in the northbound lane of Leroy Street ever since he was a child. “When I turned 16, I learned to drive on that pothole, and so did each of my three kids. It may be a little rough around the edges, but it is a fixture of our community. We want to protect this rich cultural heritage so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will also have the experience of hitting the pothole so hard their hubcap pops off and rolls into the parking lot of Little Caesars.” The rally’s organizers added that the city must not be allowed to erase history the way it did in 2015 when it replaced the crumbling concrete supports of the East Street Bridge to prevent it from falling into the lake.


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