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Patient With 18 Months To Live Not Sure She Can Sustain Cherishing Every Moment That Long

LYNN, MA—Reeling in the wake of a diagnosis giving her 18 months to live, local woman Sophie Williams reportedly admitted Monday that she wasn’t sure she could sustain cherishing every moment for that long. “Ever since learning the pancreatic cancer was terminal, I’ve been thinking a lot about savoring the little things in life, and, honestly, a year and a half is just way too much time to keep that up,” said Williams, who told reporters that she could see herself spending six or maybe even eight months relishing each visit with loved ones, sky full of stars, or even breath of air, but that it was impossible to imagine feeling gratitude toward the universe for more than a year. “Would I love to cherish every moment? Yeah, sure. But that’s, like, five hundred sunrises. Let’s be real. Am I going to wake up that many times and always feel like basking in the majesty of nature? Absolutely not. Sometimes you just want to lie in bed and mindlessly scroll through Twitter, y’know?” Williams added that she would probably give up on cherishing things entirely if the cancer ever went into remission.


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