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The Dry Cleaner Lost Samus’s Suit So Now She’s Wearing Mesh Shorts And A Big Dogs XXL T-Shirt

Get ready, Metroid fans, because everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Samus Aran has an all new look! That’s right, it looks like the dry cleaner lost her iconic Power Suit, so now she’s wearing mesh shorts and an XXL Big Dogs T-shirt.

Forget the Zero Suit, this is Samus like we’ve never seen her before!

Apparently, while out on a mission on the planet SR388, Samus spilled a bunch of barbecue sauce on her trademark orange suit, and because the rare Zebesian material it’s made out of can’t be machine-washed, she had to take it to her local dry cleaners to get the stain out. When she returned to pick it up, however, they couldn’t locate it anywhere.

Never one to let adversity get her down, our favorite Nintendo star stoically donned baggy Champion basketball shorts and dug through a box of her ex-boyfriend’s stuff to find a massively oversized Big Dogs shirt that proclaims her “Large And In Charge!”

As far as what this means about any upcoming Metroid titles, it’s hard to say. It doesn’t look like she’ll be fighting off any Space Pirates soon, as the faded, worn-out cotton shirt certainly doesn’t have any Oxygen Supply Equipment integrated into it, nor does it have an attached Power Beam. And even though she can move around pretty freely given how loose-fitting the shorts are, it’s safe to say her combat abilities have significantly been reduced, especially seeing as though she’s also wearing a pair of Crocs with the straps removed.

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Because Samus’ armor is custom made by Chozo from her DNA sequence, it’ll be a while before the Galactic Federation has a replacement ready for her. Until then, it seems like she’s all for embracing whatever’s thrown her way. There were recently some leaked photos from Japan showing her in an alternate costume consisting of some joggers, a high school cross country T-shirt, and a pair of Adidas slides, so it looks like she’s all for experimenting with loungewear and athleisure aesthetics.

So, let’s celebrate out girl’s brand new look, because 2021 is all about reinvention, right?


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