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Benihana Asks Diners To Surrender Their Phones So Everyone Can Be In The Moment During Onion Volcano

CINCINNATI—In an effort to ensure the dazzling culinary performance received the thoughtful consideration it deserved, staff at a local Benihana restaurant reportedly asked diners Wednesday to surrender their phones so everyone could be in the moment during the onion volcano. “Ladies and gentlemen, in order to bring you a fully immersive onion volcano experience, we ask that you now relinquish your cell phones and turn your attention to grill four,” a waiter at the hibachi chain said as he collected the devices in a basket, explaining to patrons that they would want to be mindful and present during the spectacle in which flames are made to spout from a stack of sizzling onion rings. “It’s only going to happen once, so you won’t want to be on your phone. Clear your mind of all distractions, and you’ll be able to truly appreciate the moment when the chef pours the vodka in on top of the oil and lights it all up. Trust us, folks, the resolution out here is just fine.” At press time, sources confirmed the waitstaff had to escort a patron from the premises after he was caught filming the performance.


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