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Children’s Museum Docent Reminds Guests Not To Touch The Kids

SALT LAKE CITY—In an effort to prevent any potential damage to the priceless collection, Layla Pehl, a docent at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, issued a reminder to guests Wednesday not to touch the kids. “I know there are a lot of fascinating youngsters on display, but please keep your hands to yourself at all times,” said Pehl, informing patrons that even brushing by a 7-year-old or running their fingers along the top of his head was prohibited. “Keep in mind, there are oils in your skin that aren’t good for the children, plus they’re surprisingly fragile and you could easily break one without meaning to, so let’s look but not touch, okay? Otherwise we’ll have to ask you to leave the museum.” Pehl also reminded guests that if they were really desperate to touch a kid, there were plenty in the gift shop they could take home for their very own.


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