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Console Wars Gone Too Far? Microsoft Just Claimed That Xbox Is Better Than Playstation

Looks like the console wars are heating up again, and this already tense conflict has just accelerated to a whole new level after an E3 presentation in which Microsoft claimed that “Xbox is better than PlayStation.” It’s a reckless escalation of hostilities that makes us question whether these relentless wars have gone too far.

Here’s how it happened: During a recent press conference, Xbox head Phil Spencer launched a serious blow against Sony, going so far as to say that theirs was the superior gaming system, while citing specs such as a lower price point and higher storage capacity. It’s a disturbing intensification of the clash between these historical foes, and makes us ask: Have the console wars ramped up beyond what we, as gamers, should tolerate?

Spencer didn’t stop there, lighting a veritable powder keg under the conflict by stating that, in his opinion, the Xbox was a “more fun system” with a “wider suite of must-play titles.” It’s incendiary language like this that turns your stomach. What could be next? A retaliation from Sony stating that the PlayStation is a better console? Or Nintendo joining the fray with another needless addition to the inexorable cycle of gaming feuds?

Sony has yet to respond to Microsoft’s explosive statement, but here’s hoping they take the high road with a message about how video games are “fun for everyone,” instead of stooping to more attacks which could bring the console wars up to a fever pitch. Meanwhile, gamers stand astride these two gaming giants, terrified at their inability to defuse the conflict’s rapidly mounting toll. We can hope the better angels of our nature prevail. But only time will tell.


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