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E3 Fans Will Love This: The G7 Summit

Holy cow, E3 is almost here, and we couldn’t be more pumped for the flood of previews, sneak peaks, and mind-blowing announcements that are about to hit the gaming community. But if you don’t feel satisfied gamers, we’re here to give E3 fans even more to love: Something called the G7 summit is happening, and it looks like it’s the perfect event for anyone looking for even more convention goodness.

If you’re a big fan of people from around the globe come together to discuss their shared interests and hopes for the future, the G7 summit is really for you.

Basically, the G7 is the perfect fit for E3 aficionados. Just like E3, it’s a mass gathering with international significance. Similarly, both conferences feature some of the most important people in their respective fields. There’s Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who’s sort of like the Sid Meier of the group. There’s the elusive German chancellor Angela Merkel, who you might think of as their version of Hideo Kojima. Plus, there is the Italian prime minister whose name is—let’s get this straight—Mario Draghi? Um, Nintendo much?

What’s even cooler is that Japan will be there, blessing the whole proceeding with a beautiful gaming vibe.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this all is that members of the G7 will be talking about global trade, and some of the tariffs they’re talking about could possibly impact video games. Wow! Now, if that isn’t reason enough to pause your Square Enix livestream and head over to C-Span’s feed of the whole thing, we don’t know what is! So check out G7, gaming fans. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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