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Easiest Path To U.S. Visa Still Signing with Dallas Mavericks

DALLAS—Claiming the top spot for immigrant-hopefuls for an eighth consecutive year, Amnesty International released a report Wednesday which found that the easiest path to a U.S. work visa was still signing with the Dallas Mavericks. “Our findings show that the Dallas Mavericks account for 91% of Eastern European immigration,” said head researcher Bill Knodle, noting that Mavs players outnumbered students and agricultural workers combined in the number of visas awarded. “While marrying an American citizen can speed up the green card process, you’re still much better playing spot minutes behind Luka Dončić. Dallas players also have an easier time getting extensions on their work visas to participate in the NBA playoffs.” In a related report, a study found playing for the New York Knicks was still the easiest route to secure a Chinese work visa.


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