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Homeowner Shoos Away Feral Driverless Car Rooting Around Garage

ATHENS, OH—Expressing annoyance at the pest that had taken up residence in her house, local woman Rebecca Behneke was reportedly shooing away a feral driverless car Thursday that was rooting around in her garage. “I was in the living room and heard some rustling noises, and I walk into the garage to see this little guy rummaging through old boxes, probably looking for some electricity,” said Behneke, confirming that the car was without registration or license plates and looked as though it had been living on the street for months. “At first, I tried to just push the vehicle out with a broom, but it started honking and revving like it was scared so I stopped that. These cars are generally harmless, but if they’re provoked, they can be dangerous or even deadly to humans. Fortunately, I was able to lure it out eventually by standing near the street while dangling an extension cord.” At press time, Behneke was reportedly horrified after moving a tarp and discovering a nest of baby e-scooters.


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