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HR Improves Company Morale By Giving Employees Constant Stream Of Dumbass Bullshit To Mock

AUSTIN, TX—Providing workers with an opportunity for some lighthearted fun, the human resources department of local ad agency Milner-Ferraro reportedly improved company morale by giving employees a constant stream of dumbass bullshit to mock, sources confirmed Friday. “It can be a bit of a grind here sometimes, so it’s nice to have HR reps that are committed to team-building by sending out unbelievably idiotic, typo-riddled messages that we can all rip on together,” said development lead Terry Moss, citing such initiatives as making obvious factual mistakes, misspelling company members’ names, and accidentally sending out personal information onto public channels as just a few of the ridiculous actions that helped bring his team together. “I remember we were struggling with a project in the middle of last week when we got this message reminding us that we could always come to the HR department if we have any issues as though one of our coworkers didn’t get fired three weeks ago for publicly voicing complaints against the CEO, and we all just started laughing on the Zoom call. It was a really nice moment, and it helped us get through the rest of the day.” At press time, tears were reportedly streaming down Moss’s cheeks after receiving an email outlining all the benefits of returning to in-person work.


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