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Man Exiting Store While Alarm Sounds Makes Big Show Of Looking Surprised To Appear Innocent

OAK BROOK, IL—In response to the electronic bell suddenly blaring from security, local man Jordan Davis, who exited a Macy’s while the alarm sounded, reportedly made a big show of looking surprised by the noise in order to appear innocent to bystanders and employees. Several eyewitnesses confirmed Davis stopped dead in his tracks as the alarm rang before turning back toward the cashier and shrugging with a confounded look to demonstrate that this was a slightly embarrassing situation he had never found himself in before, but one that he would certainly take in stride, presumably having not committed an act of thievery. Davis reportedly began patting his pockets in an exaggerated fashion to show there were no illicit items on his person that should have triggered the transmitter, going so far as to fish out a receipt and wave it wildly in the air to demonstrate his guiltlessness. At press time, Davis was reportedly given clearance to leave the premises and later seen cackling to himself after making off with over $3,000 in stolen goods.


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