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Sight Of Man Getting Hit By Bus Less Funny Than Movies Make It Seem

BUFFALO—Saying she felt a bit let down by the lackluster manner in which the scenario had played out, local woman Tiffany Wakefield told reporters Monday that the sight of a man getting hit by a bus had turned out to be less funny than she would have expected based on movies she had seen. “There was no loud, satisfying crunch or goofy holler from the victim, just a dull thud and then a lot of people crying,” said the 41-year-old Buffalo resident, noting that while she had hoped the man struck by a 20-ton city bus would either pop back up to his feet and dust off his jacket or go spinning 30 feet into the air, he instead did little more than lie in the street, crumpled and groaning. “I have to say, as someone who has laughed really hard at similar scenes in movies like Mean Girls and Ghost Town, this was really disappointing. Maybe the timing was just off? Don’t get me wrong, it was still funny, just not as hilarious as the one in Margaret.” Wakefield added that she was further disappointed when an EMT declared the victim dead at the scene, ruling out the possibility of smash-cutting to five months later when the man would be wearing a ridiculous full-body cast and his loyal girlfriend would be spoon-feeding him.


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