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Sworn-in Ministers, João Baptista Borges among them

The Minister of State and Head of the Civil House of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, the Minister of State for Social Affairs, Dalva Ringote, and the Minister of State and Head of the Military House of the President of the Republic, Francisco Furtado, were sworn in at this ceremony.

Also sworn in were the ministers of National Defense, Former Combatants and Homeland Veterans, João Ernesto dos Santos, of the Interior, Eugénio Laborinho, of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, of Territory Administration, Dionísio da Fonseca, of Justice and Human Rights, Marcy Lopes, of Finance, Vera Daves, of Economy and Planning, Mário Caetano João, and of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Teresa Dias.

The Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry, António Francisco de Assis, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Carmen dos Santos, Industry and Trade, Victor Fernandes, Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Azevedo, Transport, Ricardo d’Abreu, Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, were also sworn in, of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing, Carlos Alberto dos Santos, of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Social Communication, Mário Augusto Oliveira, of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Bragança, of Education, Luísa Grilo, and of Health, Silvia Lutucuta.

The ministers sworn in, yesterday, by the President of the Republic, also include the Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women, Ana Paula do Sacramento Neto, Culture and Tourism, Filipe Zau, Environment, Ana Paula de Carvalho, Youth and Sports, Palmira Barbosa, and the secretary of the Council of Ministers, Ana Maria da Silva.

In declarations to the press, at the end of the ceremony, the Minister of Energy and Waters, João Baptista Borges, referred that, among the great challenges of the sector that he directs, for this mandate, the continuation of the projects to combat the effects of the drought in the South of the country and the electric interconnection between the North, Center and South systems stand out. João Baptista Borges stressed that at the moment the interconnection between the Centre and South is still lacking, namely the connection between Huíla and Huambo, Huíla and Namibe, Huambo-Cunene, Huambo and Menongue, as well as the interconnection with the three Eastern provinces.


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